2014 COSA Recipients

Individual Recipients

  • Jeanne Marie Acceturo
  • Evlyn Andrade
  • Nilima Bhatia
  • Bridget R. Hall
  • Diane Hill
  • Christopher Hunn
  • Koko Mulder
  • Frank Muth
  • Sunshine Oey
  • Semar Prom
  • Shirley Arayon Salanio
  • Cara Lynn Stanley
  • Mary Catherine Watten

team recipients

Alianza Executive Committee

  • M. Cruz Grimaldo
  • Lorena Valdez

Campus Course Approval System

  • Karen Denton
  • Timothy Heidinger
  • Johanna Metzgar
  • Tom O'Brien
  • Boris Orasov
  • Tai-Yen Pao
  • Sumei Quiggle
  • Sara Quigley
  • Linda Song

Core Team of the Academic Personnel Process Design Workgroup

  • Nadya Abo-Shaeer
  • Sarah Herr
  • Penny S. Hines
  • Ardaan Locht
  • Rebecca Margosian
  • Marva de Marothy
  • Laura L. Mays
  • Julie Niedermayr
  • Yuko Noguchi
  • Jean Richter
  • Abagail L. Smith
  • Tanya Sullivan
  • Eboni Wilson

Next Opportunity at Work (NOW) Conference Planning Team

  • Kim Sapp Dinwiddie
  • Inette Dishler
  • Jenny Kwon*
  • Juliann Martinez*
  • Bruce J. Mattos
  • Chris McLean
  • Moira Perez
  • Mary Anne Rasmussen*
  • Dr. Sid Reel
  • Darrylyn Z Swift

Individual Recipients

Jeanne Marie Acceturo, University and Jepson Herbaria. Jeanne Marie leads the renowned public programs of the Jepson Herbarium that support the organization’s mission to understand and conserve California flora. Jeanne Marie created the California Naturalists program which introduces Californians to the wonders of the state’s unique ecology and engages them in the study and stewardship of California’s natural communities. This program broadens the audience served by the Jepson Herbarium and UC Berkeley by establishing partnerships with several local non-profit organizations.

Evlyn Andrade, Center for Public Health Practice. Evlyn has the ability to wear different hats and juggle multiple roles as the Center’s Executive Assistant and Practice Coordinator. Her responsiveness, follow through, assertiveness, and consistent high-quality work are extremely valued. During an especially busy year, the center could not have achieved at such a high level without Evlyn’s exceptional skills and support. She has proven to be an incredible asset to the center.

Nilima Bhatia, L&S Deans Office. As the staff HR manager, Nilima provides support and guidance to the extraordinarily diverse population of the college, including the chairs and managers of 41 departments, the five divisional deans, and the staff in the college. Over the past year, Nilima assisted with the Cal Time and Campus Shared Services implementation, Open Enrollment, and a seminar series for new departmental chairs.

Bridget R. Hall, Physical Plant Campus Services. Bridget leads a unit that is responsible for street lighting, fire alarms and high voltage on campus. During the Fall 2013 power outages, Bridget worked tirelessly to coordinate the restoration of services to campus. She and members of her team were on campus for twenty to thirty-hour stretches during the crisis. Despite these long hours and hectic conditions, she led her team through this challenge with calm professionalism.

Diane Hill, Graduate Division Academic Affairs. Diane developed the first-ever clearly articulated set of learning outcomes for every graduate program within the university. Diane exemplifies adaptability, having helped move the institution forward to adopt substantive improvements to campus processes and structures. She took extraordinary steps to enhance and sustain Berkeley’s reputation as a world-class public institution, and carried out an innovation that directly addressed an urgent challenge to the university’s WASC accreditation.

Christopher Hunn, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. As Associate Director of Undergraduate Matters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Christopher is the only undergraduate advisor in one of the largest majors on campus, Computer Science. His commitment to diversity and inclusion is evident in his co-founding of the Computer Science Scholars Program which supports intended computer science majors from under-resourced high schools, the economically disadvantaged, and first-generation college attendees, and through his involvement in the T-PREP program for incoming transfer students in the College of Engineering.

Koko Mulder, Residential & Student Services Programs in University Village Family Housing. Koko founded the Bear Pantry when she was a student parent at Cal, and now, as a staff member, continues to volunteer as the leader of this non-profit food pantry assisting student parents who need occasional support feeding their families. Koko and her program embody innovation, accountability, and focus on service for Berkeley student parents who are often the first in their families to attend college.

Frank Muth, Campus Shared Services IT. Over the course of one year, Frank served a critical role in transitioning 95 departments with 6900 customers to Campus Shared Services IT. He proposed and led a Strategic Initiatives team to bridge gaps between implementation plans and the realities of day-to-day operations. He fosters collaboration between CSS-IT and the departments it serves, mentors new staff to take on greater roles in the organization, and shares his experience with others. Frank’s contributions have set a foundation for the ongoing success of Campus Shared Services.

Sunshine Oey, Public Service Center. Sunshine Oey creates transformative relationships and programs, possesses a deep commitment to social justice, and has a profound depth and breadth of knowledge. Since joining the Public Service Center's team in 2008, Sunshine has exceeded expectations as an innovator who builds accountable, positive, and productive rapport. In the past year, Sunshine has engaged more than 225 students in transformative learning experiences through service to off-campus communities.

Semar Prom, CED Deans Office - Infrastructure and IT. As the College of Environmental Design’s Fabrication Shop Manager, Semar Prom personifies Berkeley’s Operating Principles. He is flexible, imaginative, innovative, responsive, service-oriented, and accountable. By actively promoting faculty and staff engagement in Fabrication Shop activities and priorities, Semar expanded the ways in which the shop could enhance learning, research, and public service. Semar has fostered connections between staff, faculty, students, campus, and the surrounding community. His community building has created a positive and productive work environment focused on safety, service, and accountability.

Shirley Arayon Salanio, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Student Services. Shirley exemplifies a spirit of community building and motivational leadership while demonstrating exceptional service for students and innovation for her department. She is an inspirational leader who has helped to build a cohesive and supportive community within a large and dynamic department and is an unceasingly cheerful, patient, understanding, honest, and dedicated champion for underrepresented students.
Cara Lynn Stanley, Student Learning Center. As director of the largest academic-support program on campus, Cara has more than a full plate. Yet, on top of her official duties, Cara also serves as adjunct faculty, mentors undergraduates and young professional staff, and, in the past several years, has created and sustained two innovative programs. The SPEAR Middle School Academy and the VèVè Clark Institute for Engaged Scholars in African American Studies both stimulate and challenge young scholars to further their intellectual curiosity and prowess.

Mary Catherine Watten, Biosciences Divisional Services. Mary Catherine offered extraordinary academic personnel support services through complex departmental transitions. In the past year, Mary Catherine managed various projects, including the processing of over 50 cases, eight searches, and numerous off-cycle requests. In addition to her usual workload, she excelled by managing workflow and temporary staff through several staff shortages and transitions in the Department of Integrative Biology.

team recipients

Alianza Executive Committee
COSA recipients are M. Cruz Grimaldo and Lorena Valdez. Cruz and Lorena displayed dedication and service to the campus through their roles as Co-Chairs for the Alianza Staff Association. Given extremely limited resources, these two outstanding staff members were able to re-establish Alianza as a thriving staff organization and support network dedicated to enhancing professional opportunities and increasing awareness and active participation in campus priority issues relevant to Chicano/Latino staff. They exemplified excellence in the areas of adaptability, community building, diversity/inclusion, leadership, and mentorship by serving as role models operating within the principles of inclusion, accountability, and service. Due to their efforts in steering the organization through a growth and re-building phase, Alianza is now positioned to take on a greater role in supporting the diversity and inclusion mission of the campus.

Campus Course Approval System
COSA recipients are Karen Denton, Timothy Heidinger, Johanna Metzgar, Tom O'Brien, Boris Orasov, Tai-Yen Pao, Sumei Quiggle, Sara Quigley, and Linda Song. In March of 2013, the Office of the Registrar, the Academic Senate, Student Affairs Information Technologies, and Information Services and Technology launched a new course management system that replaced paper forms and computer green screens with an easy-to-use web application. The new system, which has received glowing user reviews, empowers faculty, department personnel, the senate, and registrar staff to view, enter, and manage course information enabling faster processing of changes to existing courses and the creation of new courses. More than 100 academic units adopted the new system for the submission of over 800 course proposals.

Core Team of the Academic Personnel Process Design Workgroup
COSA recipients are Nadya Abo-Shaeer, Sarah Herr, Penny S. Hines, Ardaan Locht, Rebecca Margosian, Marva de Marothy, Laura L. Mays, Julie Niedermayr, Yuko Noguchi, Jean Richter, Abagail L. Smith, Tanya Sullivan, and Eboni Wilson. This volunteer team of subject matter experts from multiple units came together for ten months to design standardized processes to be handled by Campus Shared Services. They developed 35 streamlined and improved business process maps and numerous supporting materials for CSS Academic Personnel Support, including the service menu, templates, forms, and checklists. Although brought together to focus on CSS service offerings, workgroup members took the opportunity to collaborate with their peers from across campus to resolve long-standing issues and make processes better, often finding ways create efficiencies in their own areas of responsibility and across campus. Their work is a model for how representatives from the campus can work effectively with Campus Shared Services.

Next Opportunity at Work (NOW) Conference Planning Team
COSA recipients are Kim Sapp Dinwiddie, Inette Dishler, Jenny Kwon*, Juliann Martinez*, Bruce J. Mattos, Chris McLean, Moira Perez, Mary Anne Rasmussen*, Dr. Sid Reel, and Darrylyn Z Swift. Aimed at better supporting the critical need for additional career development for Berkeley staff, The NOW Conference provided opportunities for Berkeley staff to actively engage in career workshops, counseling, presentations regarding other on-going campus career development resources, and stimulated access to information for staff to manage their careers. This team exemplified the Operating Principle of “We include and excel together” from the inception and development of this conference through the deployment of this innovative program while engaging innovation, accountability, and service to the often-unsung heroes of our campus community.

* Team members ineligible to receive award.