CSAC Members

Photo of Jess Bauer

Jess Bauer
Assistant Director of Summer Sessions

  • CSAC Member since 2016
  • CSAC 2018 Chair
  • UC Employee since 2009

Jess joined CSAC to connect with other staff voices across campus and support positive community endeavors around equity and inclusion, enhanced professional development opportunities, and productive and meaningful organizational change.  Jess began her career at Cal in online learning before moving to Summer Sessions, Study Abroad & Lifelong Learning, where she is currently the Assistant Director of Summer Sessions.  Jess majored in English at UC Davis, completed her secondary teaching credential at San Francisco State, and received her Ed.M. in Educational Policy Studies- Global Studies at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.  In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, reading, running, and spending time with her family and friends.

Photo of Carolyn Chee
Carolyn J. Chee
Chief Administrative Officer, Dept. Environmental Science, Policy and Management in the College of Natural Resources

  • CSAC Vice Chair 2018, 2019
  • CSAC Member since 2017
  • UC Employee Since 1998

As an undergraduate, Carolyn applied to only one college, and ultimately earned all three of her degrees in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley. Carolyn was an engineer/scientist at the Jet Propulsion Lab where she worked on space probes that are still exploring the edge of the solar system and beyond, and McDonnell Douglas Space Systems where she worked on the International Space Station. Her post-graduate career at Cal includes an academic post at Extension and a stint as Director of Graduate Services in the Graduate Division. Carolyn joined CSAC to promote a culture of respect and inclusiveness to improve the workplace environment. In her spare time, she enjoys playing ball sports and looking at the stars on clear nights.

Marissa Cheng
Senior Planner in Physical & Environmental Planning
  • CSAC Member since 2019
  • UC Employee Since 2018

Marissa is a Senior Planner in Physical & Environmental Planning, focusing on coordination of decision-making around the built environment, from signage to buildings and master plans. Marissa joined CSAC to learn about the campus and community from other perspectives, and for the opportunity to help and effect change. Planning school left Marissa with a strong belief in the public good; Marissa holds an SB, MCP, and MArch from MIT. Marissa has been honing her baking skills for the past twenty years and hopes that CSAC will become another outlet for her excess supply of baked goods.

Photo of Pamela Gleason

Pamela Gleason
Director of Career Planning, School of Journalism

  • CSAC Member since 2018
  • UC Employee since 1999

Pam joined CSAC to focus on issues of equity and inclusion across campus.  Before her tenure at the Graduate School of Journalism, Pam worked for International and Area Studies (now Global Studies), the Haas School of Business, and Berkeley Worldwide.  Pam graduated from Cal with a degree in Political Economy, and is now pursuing a graduate degree in History.  On weekends, Pam gives tours of Berkeley.  Her book about Berkeley is being published this spring.  She loves international travel and has backpacked in over 50 countries.

Photo of Bradley Jong

Bradley Jong 
Associate Director, Master of Real Estate Development and Design Program

  • CSAC Member since 2017
  • UC Employee since 2009
Bradley joined CSAC to promote a supportive campus community that addresses the basic needs of staff. One of the issues that Bradley finds most important and hopes to address is the well-being of staff from a psychosocial approach. Utilizing his background in counseling Bradley hopes to provide a voice to policies and campus wide initiatives from a person centered approach that focuses on empowering staff to feel like they are capable of, and strive for, personal growth in the positions they hold.
Throughout his career Bradley has advised, counseled, and managed programs serving undergraduate STEM majors, full time and part time professional masters to even PhD students. He majored in Social Ecology at UC Irvine and received a MS in Counseling, specializing in college counseling, from San Francisco State. 

Photo of Nicole McIntyre

Nicole McIntyre
Associate Director of Education, Center for Energy Efficient Electronics Science (E3S) 

  • CSAC Member since 2017
  • UC Employee since 2014

Nicole joined CSAC in 2017 amist large changes in the campus leadership. She was excited to work with a new Chancellor and witness the decision making processes within California Hall. Nicole is committed to creating equitable and accessible public institutions of higher education and hopes to ensure that applies to all campus community members. This work has included serving on the Intersect Conference planning committee, Chancellor's Committee for Work and Family, and currently serves on the Staff Basic Needs Committee. 

Nicole leads education and outreach efforts for E3S, a multi-campus NSF-funded Science and Technology Center. She holds degrees in Psychology and Social Welfare from the University of California, Berkeley, and a graduate degree in Educational Leadership from the University of San Francisco. 

Photo of Harris Mojadedi

Harris Mojadedi
Project &Policy Analyst, Student Affairs Business Operations

  • CSAC Vice Chair 2019, 2020
  • CSAC Member since 2018
Harris joined CSAC to deepen his knowledge of the campus and its operations, and to creatively and collaboratively influence decisions.  He is especially interested in issues around maintaining and improving UC Berkeley's accessibility, financial sustainability, and excellence.  His work involves project management, client relationship management, facilities, financial services, travel & events, and procurement. Harris is a past recipient of the Chancellor's Public Service Awards.   
Harris studied Political Science with an emphasis on policy analysis at San Jose State University, and a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership form Saint Mary's College. In his free time, Harris enjoys serving the community in various boards and non-profits in Alameda County. 

Alyssa Panyawai

Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Referral Case Manager

  • CSAC Member since 2019
  • UC Employee since 2017

Alyssa joined CSAC to better connect with the campus community, focus on issues regarding mental health across campus, and learn more about decision making processes on campus. Before joining the staff at UC Berkeley, Alyssa has worked at a homeless shelter, domestic violence shelter, and substance abuse residential treatment center. Alyssa majored in Psychology at UC San Diego and has her Masters degree in Social Work from San Diego State University. In her spare time, Alyssa enjoys cooking, traveling, crafting, gardening, and spending time with her dog and partner.

Photo of Keith Stevenson

Keith Stevenson
Senior Graphic Designer, Student Affairs Communications

  • CSAC Member since 2017

A Senior Graphic Designer for Student Affairs Communications, Keith has worked at UC Berkeley since 2004, and within the UC System since 1996. In that time, he has been nationally recognized for his work in publications and graphic design in higher education. Keith sees staff as indispensable to the Berkeley missions of promoting student access and success, defining campus culture and operations, and maintaining world-class research. By participating in CSAC, he hopes to provide insight into evolving staff concerns and help serve as productive conduit for campus leadership decision making.  Keith studied Environmental Design at UC Davis. Among his interests are Jazz & good music, golf, and the continual search for good food & wine.

Angela Taylor

Career Center

  • CSAC Member since 2019
  • UC Employee since 2011

Angela joined CSAC to influence decisions by collaborating with people across campus and to enhance the sense of belonging for the campus community. Committed to supporting staff development and experiential education initiatives, she has participated in various programs and committees during her tenure at UC Berkeley.  Her work involves alumni, employer and student engagement at the Career Center especially as it relates to internships and job shadowing. Angela is a Bay Area native, received her B.A. in Sociology-Organizational Studies from UC Davis and MA in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University. She loves to travel and do art projects in addition to spending time with family and friends.


Christina Teller

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Advising, College of Letters & Science

  • CSAC Member since 2019
  • UC Employee since 2014

Christine Tobolski
Director of Student Services, Math

  • CSAC Member since 2018
  • UC Employee since 2011

Christine spent her first seven years at Cal working in undergraduate student services at the College of Natural Resources. In October 2018, she moved to the Math Department where she now oversees graduate and undergraduate student services. Motivated by contributing to the greater good, Christine joined CSAC in an effort to find ways to reflect staff needs, to recognize the value staff bring to our campus community, and to ensure that staff have the support and tools they need to grow personally and professionally.

Photo of Rebecca Ulrich

Rebecca Ulrich
Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost for the Faculty

  • CSAC Member since 2017

Shortly after arriving on campus and while working in the Office of the Registrar, Rebecca began volunteering on behalf of staff and she’s continued to do so during her four years at Cal. After 16 years as a legal assistant and office manager in an Immigration Law firm, coming to Cal was an exciting career pivot. Serving successively as Vice Chair, Chair and Past Chair on the Executive Board of the Black Staff and Faculty Organization (BSFO), she continues to support Cal staff in leadership positions as well as supporting behind the scenes.

She joined CSAC as a way to better connect with the larger campus community, particularly focusing on campus climate issues for staff. She is the co-founder of the “On The Same Page” Staff Book Group which is starting its fifth season. She also serves as a staff-support person for the UC Berkeley World Peace Buddhist student group. She is a past recipient of the Chancellor’s Outstanding Staff Award. She joined CSAC to continue supporting staff with the goal of making Cal a better place for all. Her life outside of Cal includes many things including yoga, running, dragon boat racing, biking, gardening, good friends and good fun.

Photo of Derek Van Rheenen

Derek Van Rheenen
Athletic Study Center, Division of Undergraduate Education

  • CSAC Member since 2017
  • CSAC Chair, 2019-2020
  • UC Employee since 1998

Derek is the Executive Director of the Athletic Study Center on campus.  He earned his Ph.D (1997) in Cultural Studies, his Master’s degree (1993) in Education, and his undergraduate degree in Political Economy/German (1986), all from U.C. Berkeley. As an undergraduate at Berkeley, Derek earned Academic All-American honors and played professional soccer for several years following graduation. Derek was inducted into the CAL Athletic Hall of Fame in 2008. 

Derek joined CSAC to listen and learn from fellow staff in an effort to improve campus climate, sense of belonging and morale in a time of change.  In particular, he hopes to support institutional efforts at promoting comprehensive excellence and diversity, as well as inclusion and tolerance.  Derek plays soccer (still), enjoys travel and likes to laugh.

Kelly Yun 

Assistant Director, Leadership Annual Giving

  • CSAC Member since 2019

Kelly joined CSAC to help strengthen the equity and inclusion of university policies and procedures through her reflection of staff voices. As an undergrad, Kelly lived in the Berkeley Student Cooperative and graduated from Cal as an American Studies major with a concentration on policy and social justice. She was born and raised in San Francisco and spent some time living abroad in Madrid, Spain. She enjoys being in nature, traveling, lifelong learning, and using the Oxford comma. Kelly greatly appreciates this opportunity and hopes to make a lasting, positive impact on our campus community through her service on CSAC.