COSA Criteria

Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Awards - COSA Criteria

The process of awarding a Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Award is based solely on the written nomination received by the committee as it aligns with our criteria outlined below: Please see our FAQs page for detailed information on eligibility criteria.

Commitment to fostering an equitable and inclusive community
The team or individual took exceptional initiative to foster an equitable and inclusive campus community. By actively including different perspectives, working cooperatively within and across departments, bridging the boundaries of diversity, and/or promoting and creating access, the team or individual created a workplace that respects and embraces differences and maximizes the potential for all.

Commitment to innovation, adaptation, and efficiency
The team or individual embraced change and acted as change leaders to move the institution forward by helping the university make substantive improvements to its processes and structures. Through the use of new technologies, streamlining and/or improved business processes or approaches, the team or individual demonstrated outstanding creativity and exceptional initiative in eliminating waste, minimizing bureaucracy and saving University resources, thereby allowing the University to achieve its mission more efficiently and effectively.

Commitment to enhancing Berkeley's mission and reputation
The team or individual demonstrated consistent, deep engagement with the University’s fundamental mission of teaching, research and public service ( and to promoting the values of access and excellence. The team or individual’s exceptional efforts enhanced and sustained UC Berkeley’s prestige and reputation as a world class public institution.

Commitment to mentorship
The team or individual took exceptional initiative to mentor colleague(s) to share their professional experience and knowledge, to provide strategic guidance, and/or to help them advance their professional development goals.

The Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Award is designed to acknowledge extraordinary achievement aligned to specific nomination criteria. While years of campus service are valued, a successful nomination must include clear and specific examples reflecting how the individual's accomplishments match the COSA award criteria. Self-nominations will not be considered.