2024 COSA Recipients

The Chancellor’s Outstanding Staff Awards are coordinated by the Chancellor’s Staff Advisory Committee. COSA awards are presented to individuals and teams from our staff community who, in addition to performing their normal job duties with excellence, demonstrate exceptional initiative in contributing to the Berkeley campus community. These awards are among the highest honors bestowed upon staff by the Chancellor. The official program for the 2024 award ceremony can be viewed here. Please note that while all team contributors are listed with their team in order to recognize their outstanding efforts, not all contributors are eligible to receive the COSA award. Team contributors who were not eligible are noted with an asterisk. 

2024 Individual Award Recipients

Amanda Okamoto, Management Services Officer, Energy and Resources Group

Amanda Okamoto is an invaluable member of the Energy Resource Group (ERG), and her positive impact in building community and supporting DEIBJ can be felt university-wide. She led an effort to redact over 100 applicant DEI statements for a faculty search to help the search committee review and score the statements without bias. This ensured a more rigorous and equitable process that yielded candidates who met Berkeley's goal to create a culture where everyone feels a sense of belonging. As a member of ERG's Diversity Committee, she is active in developing committee priorities, and identifying areas where staff can advance DEIBJ principles. She diligently supports the student-alumni program, and is developing strategies for recruiting more underrepresented students to ERG's degree programs. Amanda thinks deeply, critically, and practically about the ERG community, and she generates and acts on insights that demonstrate that she is fully committed to making ERG an inclusive community that embodies Berkeley's excellence

Amy Azuma, Discovery Opportunities Database Manager, Berkeley Discovery Initiative

The Discovery Opportunities Database is Berkeley’s centralized search engine for 32,000 undergraduates to search for research, internships, and scholarships beyond the classroom. Campus data show that students from underrepresented backgrounds are least likely to take part in these opportunities. Amy has built and continues to improve upon the database with the crucial goal of democratizing access to high-impact experiences such as internships, research, and community-engaged projects. She has diligently worked to demonstrate the database’s benefits to both students and campus partners, and persistently holds the vendor accountable for improving accessibility so all students can benefit from the program. Her efforts have resulted in a more accessible tool, and increased visibility of this centralized resource for students and campus partners alike.

Angelica Gonzalez, Assistant Dean of Clinical Ops, School of Optometry & Vision Science

Angie is the heartbeat of the Optometry Clinic, which encompasses a refractive surgery center, 15 specialty clinics, and an eyewear center. Her leadership has earned the trust and respect of both faculty and staff. When Angie recognized that the absence of growth and promotional opportunities for represented administrative staff contributed to high turnover rates, she proposed a staffing model that would align clinical staff with the complexity of operations. Rather than having all clinical staff classified with the same HR title and job responsibilities, she restructured staff roles as generalists, specialists, and operations leads. The restructuring has significantly improved staff morale and retention, and has allowed staff support to be better tailored to patient and faculty needs. The staff team continues to work well together and understands everyone’s complementary roles, as well as the opportunities available to them when they are ready. Angie has transformed the climate into a positive work environment where faculty and staff feel acknowledged, recognized, and heard.

Ava Blustein, Special Projects Analyst and Deputy Title IX Officer, Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination

Ava has shown outstanding compassion, creativity, and initiative in crafting resources that make Berkeley a more inclusive and supportive community. Working at the nexus of advocacy and compliance, she has created welcoming and accessible digital documents and websites that provide information about the most difficult issues in a culturally inclusive manner. Over the past year, Ava played a leading role in the design and buildout of the Supportal. Stemming from her work as a confidential advocate, Supportal arose out of Ava’s recognition that Berkeley has many overlapping resources that are difficult to navigate, especially when one is in need of timely support. Supportal draws users in with topics and keywords that help match them quickly with the appropriate resources, and many in the Berkeley community have found it to be indispensable. Supportal is a significant contribution to equitable and inclusive access to information on campus, and demonstrates Ava’s deep understanding of and commitment to the Berkeley community’s needs.

Bahar Navab, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff, Division of Student Affairs

Bahar’s unwavering commitment to inclusivity and fostering connections has been central to the student and staff experience in the Division of Student Affairs. Her efforts to create spaces for dialogue among student leaders on campus have been remarkable. The facilitation of bridge-building across diverse communities, especially in the aftermath of politically charged and tense events, is a pillar of Bahar’s work. Bahar displays an intentionality when connecting with people that has been invaluable in creating a campus culture that empowers Berkeley to uphold its principles of community. This includes founding and co-chairing the Middle East, North African, and South Asian (MENASA) staff organization, and working with students to offer them an administrative space where their voices are heard. From her thoughtful communication to her dedication to being present in student-held spaces, Bahar exemplifies what makes us proud to be a part of Berkeley.

Brenda Carrasco, Associate Director, Gift Services, Gift Services, University Development and Alumni Relations

Brenda is the epitome of an outstanding campus staff member. With diligence, partnership, a caring soul, and a love of Berkeley, she has made the Gift Services team and the campus community a great place to work. She led Gift Services’ efforts to develop a streamlined approach to the most challenging area of gift processing: donations supporting faculty research. To create forward-thinking efficiencies, Brenda initiated partnerships with the Cashier’s Office, the Sponsored Projects Office, Fund Stewardship and Compliance, and research units. This collaboration resulted in an exceptional implementation that has clarified roles and responsibilities, saved the campus time and resources, and ensured that donations are made available to faculty for spending as quickly as possible. Brenda brings to the campus an entrepreneurial spirit. She demonstrates hard work, diligence, and a can-do attitude every day. Berkeley is made all the better by her presence, and Gift Services is fortunate to have her as a leader.

Charly King Beavers, Berkeley Hope Scholars Program Director, Center for Educational Equity and Excellence

Charly demonstrates an extraordinary labor of love and care in her role as the Berkeley Hope Scholars coordinator. Her commitment to fostering an equitable and inclusive community is unparalleled. Charly’s compassionate advocacy fills crucial resource gaps, ensuring equitable opportunities for those affected by the child welfare system, an often overlooked demographic. Beginning with approximately 50 students, Charly’s leadership has transformed the BHS program, which now serves 164 scholars, including previously underserved graduate students. She prioritized their safety and care by establishing a support group through Counseling and Psychological Services to address the challenges they encounter. She also collaborated with Financial Aid to appoint a BHS Financial Aid Liaison to help address students’ concerns. Her caring leadership extends to student workers, providing a nurturing space for their academic and hard work, Charly has made Berkeley a better place for all members of the community.

Cristal Carpinteyro, Unit 3 Facilities Manager, Residential Student Services Program 

Cristal is an exceptional leader who takes challenges in stride and demonstrates determination in fostering an inclusive environment for all. She has cultivated a positive living experience for her facility’s residents by updating outdated procedures, resources, and spaces. She has done so by employing principles such as cross- functional collaboration to better connect campus partners within and across the residence hall. Cristal created a platform for campus departments to effectively communicate in ways that encourage engagement, innovation, and team development. She researched, advocated for, and implemented new software for cart checkouts that substantially improved the move-in experience by decreasing wait times, and minimizing inventory errors. Cristal is a Berkeley changemaker who continuously adapts and innovates processes to better support staff, residents, and operations.

Gladys Perez, Assistant Director, Chicanx Latinx Student Development Office

Gladys’ active engagement has helped transform Berkeley into a more inclusive institution. Among her many initiatives, she created a safe space for students within the Latinx Student Resource Center, offered satellite advising hours to Latinx students, and assumed a co-facilitator role for the CASA Magdalena Mora Theme Program (CASA). CASA supports students by providing weekly leadership seminars and retreats throughout the academic year. With Gladys’ support, the Chicanx Latinx Student Development Center achieved a significant milestone with the establishment of a graduation ceremony tailored for the graduating Latinx class. The creation of this graduation ceremony not only acknowledges the unique experiences and accomplishments of the Latinx community, but also contributes to a more inclusive and representative campus environment. Gladys’ unwavering commitment has opened doors for the minority community, breaking down barriers and fostering an environment where diversity is not just acknowledged but celebrated. Through her initiatives, she is actively dismantling the historical obstacles that people of color face in academia, and making strides towards a university where success knows no racial boundaries.

Harumi Quinones, Director of Student Services, Psychology

Harumi constantly seeks methods to create efficiencies within processes and services to better serve our campus community. Recognizing the need for additional student services staffing due to an increase in majors, and an opportunity to develop programming for students interested in but unable to declare the Psychology major, she spearheaded the creation of a summer minor. This successful launch resulted in profits of over 1500% of Year 1 projections and over 200% for Year 2, allowing for the expansion of advisor support while providing students and global visitors with an opportunity to explore Psychology-related careers. Beyond the department, Harumi played a pivotal role in advocating for paid family leave benefits through her involvement with the Berkeley Staff Assembly and Council of UC Staff Assemblies. Her advocacy directly contributed to UC’s Pay for Family Care & Bonding program for faculty and staff. Harumi’s ability to identify opportunities for improvement and implement effective solutions demonstrates her leadership and dedication to enhancing organizational efficiency and effectiveness. 

James Dudek, Senior Organizational Strategist, Berkeley People & Culture

James identified a critical need for succession planning and took the initiative to address it by creating the Succession Planning Toolkit. The toolkit is a testament to James’ commitment to inclusive design, from his collaboration on its design with an ad-hoc committee from both internal and external units, to the toolkit’s inclusion of not only senior leadership but also every staff member. The toolkit’s focus extends beyond traditional succession planning to include a robust professional development plan, emphasizing DEIB within workgroups. James uses this toolkit to consult with campus leaders one-on-one, helping them develop a succession plan that reflects a comprehensive workforce strategy that engages every member of the campus unit.   

Jason  Abdelmesieh, Assistant Director, Process Strategy (Business Systems Analyst 3), Gift Services, University Development and Alumni Relations

Jason is an exceptionally talented staff member who continues to improve the giving experience at Berkeley. When he identifies opportunities or new processes for better ways of working, he commits to impactful outcomes. The systems and tools he has created for Berkeley’s advancement community have significantly reduced unwieldy processes and data entry errors. He has also developed methods to upload gift data to the advancement database at a faster rate. The innovations Jason champions and implements require change, and change is difficult for a large organization. However, Jason’s community-oriented mentorship skills infuse positivity and humor into the change process, and his colleagues continually express their gratitude for his leadership during times of change, as well as when solving complex problems. Berkeley depends on staff like Jason who get things done while modeling a positive, continuous improvement mindset.

Jeremy Wagner, Technical Director, Center for New Music and Audio Technologies

In his role as director of the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT), Jeremy works closely with the music department and the campus in multidisciplinary research and the creative use of sound. In 2022-23, he was tasked with the challenge of bringing the existing CNMAT software into compliance and function with contemporary operating systems. The software is integrated into the new Department of Music curriculum, which includes a full suite of music and technology courses aligned with CNMAT technologies. Jeremy performed a herculean computer programming task requiring an understanding of several programming languages, new software build technologies, and emerging chip technologies. In 2023, Jeremy released the fully compatible CNMAT Externals, garnering over 49,000 downloads by students for their music and technology courses, and by faculty increasingly interested in sound. As a result of Jeremy’s work, many faculty are discovering that these technologies can support research in the humanities, the arts, and the sciences. He continues to foster innovation, and creativity across our campus, inspiring his many collaborators to always reach higher in their aspirations. 

Leslie Harlson, Executive Director, Berkeley Discovery

Leslie served as interim Assistant Vice Provost and Chief of Staff in the Division of Undergraduate Education for seven months. During that time, she continued leading the Berkeley Discovery Initiative, which connects undergraduate students to research opportunities, and helps infuse research and other immersive learning opportunities into the undergraduate classroom experience. The Discovery Initiative is essential to the Berkeley’s reputation and mission, and is the centerpiece of Berkeley’s 10-year WSCUC thematic reaccreditation process. As the Discovery Initiative’s director, Leslie co-created and launched the Yardi Scholars Program. This innovative, cohort-based program recruits 12 first- year students and six transfer students each year and provides them with Discovery experiences, a Berkeley Connect experience, a Berkeley Changemaker course, and a capstone project. Leslie worked tirelessly to ensure a successful program launch, reflecting her deep engagement with the university’s fundamental mission of teaching, research and public service. While acting in multiple roles simultaneously, Leslie created unique discovery journeys for students, and ensured that the division was functioning at the highest level.  

Liza Schlosser-Olroyd, Communications Specialist and Interim Advising Strategy + Training Program Coordinator, Research, Teaching, and Learning, Undergraduate Education

Liza’s positive impact encompasses 80+ staff in Research, Teaching, and Learning (RTL) and more than 1,200 staff in the student services job family. She approaches her work from a collaborative, equity- minded lens and is quick to innovate and pivot as needed. She coordinates the Equity-Oriented Advising & Coaching Program with a consultative team of staff from across campus. She leads communications for the student services job family with weekly updates, bi-monthly newsletters, and website content to ensure equitable access to timely and pertinent information. Liza serves on many committees and acts as a primary champion of wellness activities for all. She co-chairs the Culture & Staff Engagement Committee in RTL, playing a key role from planning monthly staff meet-ups to spotlights on staff accomplishments. Liza also started and leads Mindfulness Mondays, a Zoom meditation that facilitates a mindful moment at the start of each week. 

Rachel Lee, Acquisitions Assistant, Bancroft Library / Library

Rachel works in the Bancroft Library’s Acquisitions Unit, one of five units that comprise the Bancroft Technical Services Division. When the Bancroft Cataloging Unit was left short-staffed, Rachel volunteered to assume the role of student supervisor for Cataloging to provide daily guidance and supervision, and to ensure the continuation of critical workflows. Student employees are vital to behind-the-scenes library operations: they perform physical processing of special collections materials to make them available for research by students, faculty, and scholars from around the world. Rachel’s efforts demonstrate her willingness to go above and beyond to support the Bancroft’s ability to accomplish its mission. She also streamlined training, coordinated onboarding, and provided patient and valuable supervision, support, and mentorship to the student employees. By ensuring the Technical Services Division’s provision of timely access to specialized library resources, Rachel enhances the Bancroft Library’s reputation and mission, and Berkeley itself as a center for learning and research. 

Radha Karichedu, Data Systems Analyst, Campus Applications & Data, Berkeley IT

Radha’s innovative work ensures the accuracy and availability of student data reporting on campus. Her flexible approach to incorporating newly available demographic data elements into the existing reporting infrastructure allows staff and faculty to gain new insights into issues of student access, diversity, and equity. While most of Radha’s work is behind the scenes, its impact is campuswide. Over the last few years, she noticed that some student data required extensive validation by business analysts before it could be used. Radha took the initiative to suggest, design, and implement a series of automated audit checks that made critical data available much faster. Radha has an unrivaled understanding of Berkeley’s source-to- warehouse student data load process, and her creative and innovative approach enables her colleagues and data users to more effectively and efficiently complete their work in support of Berkeley’s mission.

Rose Chahla, Assistant Director, Cal Social Work Education Center

Rose’s role as an Assistant Director at the Cal Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC) has changed considerably over the years, due to evolving business needs and her willingness to cover gaps external to the scope of her primary responsibilities, but essential to the success of UC Berkeley. She and her team are responsible for the maintenance of student data linked to the production of a comprehensive annual report to the California Department of Social Services, invoice documentation, and program evaluation. She conceptualized and implemented a detailed data management, feedback, and reporting system that has significantly improved the accuracy of data from 32 statewide programs. In addition, Rose’s coordination of a large annual conference showcased the excellence of both her department and Berkeley. Her thoughtful planning incorporated professional development opportunities for current students, and skill development for all program partners. She plays a crucial role in driving innovation and enhancing efficiency through strategic planning, team engagement, and data-driven optimizations. 

Russ Ballati, Senior Project Manager, Business Process Management

Russ’s professionalism and skill as a project manager make it easy to miss the sheer volume of tasks he has taken on, working with the Independent Advisory Board and other campus units on efforts to rethink both police accountability and campus safety. Russ’s work reflects a deep commitment to creating a diverse, equitable, and just campus in which all people can participate with security and dignity. He has been a vital contributor in efforts to build a mobile crisis response team, create a civilian board to review complaints of police misconduct, advance new job classifications to support campus safety, create the Emergency Operations Center, and align campus and systemwide programs with the university’s mission. With little precedent on campus, these initiatives required a great deal of innovation. Russ has remained committed to innovation within the context of complex issues, all the while striving to understand diverse perspectives, and pursuing consensus and collaboration across differences.  

Seana Kelly Van Buren, Assistant Dean for Administration & Chief of Staff, School of Public Health

Seana embodies a profound commitment to innovation, adaptation, and efficiency. She created and led the Berkeley Public Health (BPH) Staff Changemaker Program, which has provided BPH staff with the training, tools, skills, and resources they need to tackle organizational inefficiencies and improve operational processes. Processes that benefited from Seana’s efforts include faculty recruitment, staff hiring and onboarding, student admissions, and DocuSign adoption. As Chief Administrative Officer, Seana has also helped to create a more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and antiracist work environment. She has championed the school’s sexual violence and sexual harassment prevention efforts, as well as its antiracism work; increased staff diversity, inclusion and belonging; and reduced staff experiences of microaggression and discrimination. As a result of Seana’s leadership, Berkeley Public Health has undergone a tectonic cultural shift, from one of grievances and cynicism to a culture of personal agency and collective efficacy.   

Stefan Montouth, Associate Director, Undergraduate Admissions

Stefan’s dedication to Berkeley and its student community shines through his multifaceted initiatives an Associate Director in Undergraduate Admissions. As a Berkeley alumnus, Stefan has a personal stake in ensuring that the university achieves its mission. In addition to leading multiple teams within the department, he organizes key yield events such as Cal Day for admitted first-year students and Golden Bear Welcome for admitted transfer students. Collaborating with the Educational Opportunity Program, he co- created Power in Community Day for admitted students from first-generation, low-income, and historically underrepresented communities. These events provide crucial opportunities for admitted students to experience Berkeley’s community firsthand. Stefan also actively engages campus stakeholders in regular discussions to ensure that diverse perspectives inform admission processes and outreach. His commitment to prioritizing access and inclusion exemplifies Berkeley’s ethos.

Ute Frey, Chief Marketing Officer,  Marketing & Communications, Haas School of Business

Ute is an extraordinary leader who has worked diligently to promote and protect the reputation of the Haas School of Business for more than thirty years, all the while building a strong and devoted community. Over the past three years, she has stepped into the highly visible role of chief marketing officer, advising the school’s leadership and directing initiatives around major transformations. She crafted strategies to grow MBA enrollment; directed initiatives around Haas’ biggest transformations, such as the transition to a four-year undergraduate program; developed a strategy that led to Haas’ top-ten rankings; and infused crisis communications with compassion and empathy. Ute is the epitome of a leader who cares about those around her. She is a consummate collaborator, welcoming others’ perspectives, and regularly coordinating with colleagues across campus. With an enthusiasm that inspires others to do their best work, she solicits wisdom and advice from a diverse array of colleagues and makes the community proud of Haas and Berkeley.

2024 Team Award Recipients

2023 Next Opportunity at Work (NOW) Conference Planning Committee

The 2023 Next Opportunity at Work (NOW) Conference was the largest in-person career and professional development event for Berkeley staff, and the largest conference of any kind for the University of California. The conference brought together over 1,000 staff from 14 UC locations and showcased the planning committee’s exceptional dedication and collaboration in coordinating two keynote speakers, 18 concurrent sessions, four virtual webinars, networking opportunities, 30 virtual group coaching sessions, and 500 virtual 1:1 coaching appointments. 97% of conference attendees found value in attending, and 98% would recommend the experience to colleagues. Overall, the committee’s collaborative efforts epitomized Berkeley’s commitment to inclusive and equitable community engagement, establishing a new benchmark for coaching, mentoring, and professional development within the UC staff community. 

  • Alex Reyes, Talent Acquisition Advisor, People & Culture
  • Andrea Parthasarathy, Career and Professional Development Specialist, People & Culture
  • Arliss Nakken, Communications Manager, The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration (VCA) Immediate Office
  • Colin Gerker-Junsay, Senior Talent Strategy Partner, People & Culture
  • Carrie Sownie, Communications Specialist, People & Culture
  • Deepak Sharma, Learning & Development Specialist Trainer, People & Culture
  • Lisa Rykert, Career & Professional Development Lead, People & Culture
  • Luis Valencia, Internship and Career Development, Program Manager, UC Berkeley Extension
  • Michael Thompson, Building Operations Manager, Chancellor's Immediate Office
  • Pam Rich, Organization Development Consultant, People & Culture
  • Tara Hertstein, Talent Acquisition Advisor, People & Culture
  • Ying Kuah, People and Organization Development Lead, People & Culture

Bakar Labs / BBH / QB3-Central

Bakar Labs and the Bakar BioEnginuity Hub (BBH) launched in 2021, and joined forces with QB3- Central to build a world-class biotech incubator with life science entrepreneurship programs that have significantly advanced the university’s research and educational missions. With creativity, collaboration, and determination, staff across these three entities have coordinated with numerous campus units to build a vibrant community of startup companies that are commercializing campus-originated innovations in therapeutics and climate technology. They have also created complementary programs to enhance the incubator, including student internship opportunities, expert mentoring to first-time entrepreneurs, networking opportunities with leading companies in the field, and facilitating company funding, and the development of new curriculum. This team has supported more than 50 startup companies, and the incubator program has generated significant revenue that has supported the growth of other programs. BBH and Bakar Labs continue to elevate Berkeley as the leading public university for life science entrepreneurship. 

  • Adrian Miu, Business Operations Manager, Bakar Labs
  • Amelia Farmer, Business Operations Specialist, Bakar Labs
  • Carmen Ramirez, Facilities Management Specialist, Bakar Labs
  • Erica Yab, Program and Events Specialist, QB3
  • Gino Segre, Managing Director, Bakar Labs
  • Jill Marchant, Laboratory Operations Associate, Bakar Labs
  • Kaspar Mossman, Managing Director, QB3
  • Minji Huang, Business Operations Associate, Bakar Labs
  • Riley Hummel, Deputy Director of Outreach Programs, QB3
  • Susan Jenkins, Managing Director at UC Berkeley Bakar Fellows Program and Bakar BioEnginuity Hub
  • Thom Opal, Laboratory Safety Specialist, QB3
  • Wanichaya Noiwangklang, Program Manager, QB3

Berkeley UCPath Operations Team

Berkeley’s UCPath Operations team demonstrated exceptional initiative by spearheading the implementation of the Lived Name project at Berkeley. Collaborating with stakeholders and developing comprehensive inclusivity training and sensitivity programs, the team ensured that Berkeley became one of the first large enterprise systems to incorporate lived names, fostering a more inclusive campus environment and setting a precedent for other institutions. Their proactive efforts aligned with Berkeley’s mission of diversity and equity, and enhanced the university’s reputation as a leader in promoting inclusivity and respect for individuals’ identities in higher education. Through their dedication and commitment, the team has made a significant positive impact on the campus community, and reinforced Berkeley’s commitment to serving the needs of all its members. 

  • Anna Waters, Business Systems Analyst, People & Culture
  • Avry Schellenbach, Trainer, People & Culture
  • Kyra Troyan, Business Systems Analyst, People & Culture
  • Nico Feria, Business Systems Analyst, People & Culture
  • Raymond Ringl, Business Systems Analyst, People & Culture
  • Stacey Alvarez, Business Systems Analyst, People & Culture

Berkeley People Management: Executive Coaching Program Team

Berkeley People Management’s (BPM) Executive Coaching Program is a beacon of collaborative excellence, bringing together diverse talents and expertise to craft a transformative leadership development journey. Spearheaded by Ying and Colin, alongside sponsors Angela Stopper and Eugene Whitlock, the program has empowered over 200 leaders since its inception in 2021. Through a blend of cutting-edge methodologies and personalized coaching, participants have achieved remarkable career advancements, garnered prestigious awards, and contributed to Berkeley’s global reputation. More than a leadership program, it’s a catalyst for cultural change. By democratizing access to coaching, engaging a diverse array of leadership roles and styles, and fostering a community where mentorship thrives, the program ultimately drives individual and organizational success. In addition to designing the program, Colin and Ying offered mentorship, guidance, and unwavering support to program participants, ensuring that they derived maximum value from the program experience.

  • Colin Gerker-Junsay, Senior Talent Strategy Partner, People & Culture
  • Ying Kuah, People and Organization Development Lead, People & Culture

Champions of Justice Black History Month Event

Athletics, academics, and human rights events tend to exist within their respective silos. During the 2024 Cal Athletics Black History Month DEIBJ Celebration, this exceptional team partnered with and hosted Dr. Harry Edwards, Dr. John Carlos, and Dr. Tommie Smith as featured panelists and honorees for their contributions to humanity, celebrating them as Champions of Justice. For many years, the three honorees were faced with exclusion, injustice, and bias. This event was envisioned as an meaningful occasion to address these historical wrongdoings and provide an opportunity for student- athletes and the campus community to learn about the honorees. Led by Dr. Ty-Ron Douglas, the team willingly embraced extra responsibilities to guarantee excellence in every facet of the event for the honorees and attendees. The team organized logistics, partnered with other campus units, coordinated with vendors, managed communications, and adapted to last-minute changes with dedication, creativity, and innovation, all towards making the event successful.

  • Anish Patel, Assistant Director, Athletic Communications, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Ariana Bayardo*, Coordinator of DEIBJ Content Dissemination and Operations Support, Cal Athletics DEIBJ Office
  • Delaney Heller, Athletics Administration Coordinator, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Elana Pereira, Classroom Technology Specialist, ASUC Student Union
  • Jacqlyn Jones*, Coordinator of Videography and Media, Cal Athletics DEIBJ Office
  • Jane Jackson, Executive Assistant to the Director of Athletics, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Ladislao Rodriguez, DEIBJ Director of Operations and Engagement, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Stephanie Tomasco*, Senior Director, Business Development, University Development & Alumni Relations
  • Tiffany Macon, Director of Development, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Dr. Ty-Ron Douglas, Associate Athletic Director, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging & Justice, Cal Athletics DEIBJ Office

Course Capture Streaming Services

Research Teaching and Learning-Classroom Technology Services Team,  Berkeley IT (Open Berkeley, Web Accessibility, Privacy Office, Information Security Office)  Berkeley’s Course Capture program has experienced significant growth in popularity and impact over the past four years. It has enhanced both the quality and accessibility of education for every student and instructor on the Berkeley campus: every General Assignment classroom is now course capture capable, allowing instructors to record lectures with high- quality, real-time captioning via a streaming tool developed by the team. This capability was especially beneficial during the COVID-19 pandemic; it has also increased accessibility for students who need captioning accommodations, allowing them to more meaningfully participate in their classes. Cross-campus collaboration between the members of this team was required to implement this innovative tool. The team worked together to develop the tool behind the scenes, integrate the necessary services and platforms, and provide end-to-end support to instructors to ensure that the equipment was functioning properly in the classroom. Every undergraduate student at Berkeley benefits from this service, directly or indirectly.   

  • Jon Felder, Systems Admin, Research Teaching and Learning
  • Trenna Davis, Supervisor of Realtime Captioning & ASL Interpreting Services, Disabled Students' Program
  • Willa Chan, Streaming Media Coordinator, Research, Teaching and Learning - Learning Environments and Tools
  • Research Teaching and Learning (Classroom Technology Services Team*)
  • Berkeley IT (Open Berkeley*, Web Accessibility*, Privacy Office*, Information Security Office*)

Gender Recognition and Lived Name Project

Lived names are more than just labels: they are integral to individual identity, shape how individuals are introduced and perceived, and foster a sense of belonging and inclusivity within the community. Berkeley’s Gender Recognition and Lived Name (GRLN) initiative exemplifies a commitment to innovation, adaptation, and efficiency through its collaborative approach, strategic planning, technology integration, process optimization, and governance framework. By empowering cross-functional teams, incorporating insights from a wide range of perspectives, and leveraging diverse expertise, Berkeley’s GRLN team successfully implemented comprehensive updates to a complex network of more than 200 systems and processes impacted by the UC GRLN policy, ensuring inclusivity and compliance with regulatory requirements. Beyond the task of policy alignment and enforcement, the team raised awareness about the importance of lived names, preferred names, and gender diversity. This initiative showcases Berkeley’s dedication to fostering an inclusive and equitable campus environment through innovative and efficient practices.  

  • Andrea Lloyd, SIS Sr. Business Systems Analyst, Campus Applications & Data, Berkeley IT
  • Anne Marie Richard, Associate CIO and Director, Student Affairs IT
  • Andrea Whipple- Samuel, Compliance and Policy Specialist, Ethics, Risk & Compliance
  • Ava Blustein, Special Projects Analyst & Deputy Title IX Officer, Civil Rights Programs
  • Barb Sowden, Business Systems Analyst, Student Information Systems, Berkeley IT
  • Billy Curtis, Executive Director, Gender Equity Resource Center
  • Brian Koehmstedt, IT Architect, Information Security Office, Berkeley IT
  • Charron Andrus, Associate Chief Information Security Officer, Berkeley IT
  • Cruz Grimaldo, Associate Vice Chancellor Financial Aid and Scholarships & Cal Student Central, Division of Student Affairs
  • Dania Matos*, Vice Chancellor of Equity and Inclusion, Division of Equity & Inclusion
  • David Robinson*, Chief Campus Counsel, Legal Affairs
  • David Turner, Sponsor / Executive Director, Campus Applications & Data, Berkeley IT
  • Deanna Sailor, Service Manager, Campus Applications & Data, Berkeley IT
  • Deepthika Nallaparaju, Business Systems Analyst, Student Information Systems, Berkeley IT
  • Douglas McSkimming, Director of Communications, People & Culture
  • Elisa Diane Huerta, Associate Vice Chancellor, Division of Equity & Inclusion
  • Em Huang, Director of LGBTQ+ Advancement & Equity, Gender Equity Resource Center
  • Eric Armstrong, SIS Sr. Business Systems Analyst, Campus Applications & Data, Berkeley IT
  • Eugene Whitlock, Chief People & Culture Officer, People & Culture
  • Faye Snowden*, Director, Technology Program Office, Business Operations, Berkeley IT
  • Frankie Pun, Application Programmer, Campus Applications & Data, Berkeley IT
  • Gabriel Gonzalez, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for IT and Chief Information Officer, Berkeley IT
  • Gaurav Singh, Application Programmer, Campus Applications & Data, Berkeley IT
  • Jabari Thomas, Security Analyst, Campus Applications & Data, Berkeley IT
  • Jan Crosbie-Taylor, Assistant Director, Foundational Skills Development, People & Culture
  • Janet Gilmore, Senior Director of Strategic Communications, Communications & Public Affairs
  • Jason C. Miller, CalCentral Developer, Campus Applications & Data, Berkeley IT
  • Jeff Parks, Project Manager, Technology Program Office, Berkeley IT
  • Jonathon Taylor, Senior Systems Administrator, Information Security Office, Berkeley IT
  • Justin Selph, Associate Registrar, Office of the Registrar
  • Kamyar Marashi, CAD Security Manager, Campus Applications & Data, Berkeley IT
  • Kazim Senoglu, Lead Application Programmer, Campus Applications & Data, Berkeley IT
  • Ken Hensel, Application Programmer, Campus Applications & Data, Berkeley IT
  • Khira Griscavage, Associate Chancellor, Office of the Chancellor
  • Lien Truong, Assistant Dean of Students, Multicultural Affairs, Division of Student Affairs
  • Liv Hassett, Principal Campus Counsel, Legal Affairs
  • Luqi Jia, Project Manager, Technology Program Office, Berkeley IT
  • Marc Pechaitis, Lead Application Programmer, Campus Applications & Data, Berkeley IT
  • Mariah Dyson-Smith, SIS Sr. Business Systems Analyst, Campus Applications & Data, Berkeley IT
  • Mary Northup, Identity and Access Management Manager, Information Security Office, Berkeley IT
  • Michelle Caruso, Business Systems Analyst, Summer Sessions, Study Abroad, Lifelong Learning, and University Extension
  • Nili Ovaici, Service Manager, Campus Applications & Student Information Systems, Berkeley IT
  • Pankaj Patel, SIS Sr. Business Systems Analyst, Campus Applications & Data, Berkeley IT
  • Rahul Shrivastava, Application Programmer, Campus Applications & Data, Berkeley IT
  • Rana Silver, Director, Student Information Systems, Berkeley IT
  • Robyn Doughty, Director, Data Quality & Management, Advancement Information Services, University Development & Alumni Relations
  • Sam Griffin, Project Manager, Technology Program Office, Berkeley IT
  • Sarah Reed, University Registrar, Office of the Registrar
  • Sharon Inkelas, Faculty Advisor to the Chancellor, Campus Welfare / Assoc. Vice Provost, Office of the Chancellor
  • Siva Sareddy, Application Programmer, Campus Applications & Data, Berkeley IT
  • Stacey Alvarez, Director of UCPath Campus Operations, People & Culture
  • Staci Ludwig, Application Programmer, Campus Applications & Data, Berkeley IT
  • Summer Scanlan, Business Systems Analyst, Information Security Office, Berkeley IT
  • Syed Ahmed, Application Programmer, Campus Applications & Data, Berkeley IT
  • Wood Foster-Smith, SIS Data and Reporting Lead, Campus Applications & Data, Berkeley IT
  • Xijie Guo, Application Programmer, Information Security Office, Berkeley IT
  • Yvonne Fang, PeopleSoft System Administrator, Campus Applications & Data, Berkeley IT

Grow Your Impact: Strategic Planning Toolkit

Strategic planning is inherently about change. Colin and Pam have taken their approach to strategic planning and turned it into a digestible, and fully implementable process for use by teams across campus, either on their own or with the support of the consulting team at People & Organization Development. The Strategic Planning toolkit outlines each phase of the strategic planning process and is rife with how-to tools, templates, and charts, so campus teams can create realistic, implementable roadmaps to tackle their priorities. It is predicated on using an inclusive process and relies on input from the entire team, reconnecting team members to the purpose of their work. So far, at least 60 Berkeley teams have used this strategic planning framework. In doing so, they have not only created a useful strategic plan, but have also increased their capacity as a team by setting a clear and collective direction forward. The framework Pam and Colin created serves to streamline the strategic planning process and makes strategic planning accessible to the entire campus. They also engage teams in critical discussions about their purpose, vision, and values. Their work supports our collective efforts to live the Berkeley mission and values.  

  • Colin Gerker-Junsay, Senior Talent Strategy Partner, People & Organization Development, People & Culture
  • Pam Rich, Organization Development Consultant, People & Organization Development, People & Culture

Linked Data and BIBFRAME Exploration & Integration Team

The Linked Data & BIBFRAME Exploration & Integration Team at Berkeley Law Library was founded to invite library staff to participate in an exploration of new technologies related to cataloging, metadata, and linked data; to provide opportunities to staff to increase and test their skills using these new technologies; and to begin to steer the library, gradually but deliberately, toward the standards and best practices of the future, all with the goal of broadening access to the university’s intellectual, scholarly, and cultural content. The utility of these technologies and practices will be proven by increased access on a global scale to legal information, including to the school’s students and faculty. The team collaborated to get ahead of the learning curve and influence global discussion about cutting-edge technologies, pooling their expertise to develop strategies to incorporate those technologies into the school’s processes and practices. The team strives to make new technologies and tools accessible to a wide audience of learners at all levels of skill and experience. Through their efforts, the Berkeley Law Library will be able to provide more practical and scholarly legal information to faculty, students, and other members of the campus community.  

  • Maria Eugenia “Maro” Vidal-Manou, California Law Review Administrator, School of Law Library
  • Michael Lindsey, Director of Web Services, School of Law Library
  • Shelly McLaughlin, Cataloging Specialist, School of Law Library