Update on COSA 2020

October 30, 2020

The Chancellor's Staff Advisory Committee is painfully aware of what a challenging and stressful time this is for campus staff. Our thoughts are with you all as our daily lives continue to be substantially impacted by a global pandemic, an economic crisis, a major campus budget deficit, continuing racial injustice, devastating fires, political turmoil and for some the daily challenges of sheltered living and working virtually.

Due to the current set of unprecedented crises, we acknowledge that ALL staff are demonstrating outstanding commitment and resilience. CSAC wishes to honor and support our entire community as we navigate through these major challenges. To that end, we are canceling our 2020 COSA award program in order to focus on supporting and uplifting all of our dedicated colleagues. We will continue advising campus leadership on issues related to staff as we all work together to weather this storm. We intend to offer space to acknowledge outstanding staff performance during this challenging time at our 2021-22 COSA event.